Ohio County, KY Has a Thriving Manufacturing Industry

Ohio County, Kentucky is home to large manufacturing companies such as Ritatsu Manufacturing and Perdue Farms. The existing workforce for manufacturing opportunities is at a high rate and is made up of experienced hard workers. The manufacturing industry makes up over 25% of the employment in the county. 

Proximity to Automotive OEMs

In addition, Ohio County, Kentucky is located within 2 hours of Automotive OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) like General Motors Bowling Green. In addition, Ritatsu is one of the largest car part manufacturing companies and Southern States services farm machinery manufacturing. A few of the large manufacturing companies include:

Skilled Workforce

Our skilled workforce understands manufacturing, works hard and is ready to add value to companies relocating to the area. With local technical schools offering training, it is easy to upskill workers as well. 

Available Space in Ohio County, KY

An advantage of locating in Ohio County is the ability to access affordable commercial real estate. We have an abundance of it and our pro-business attitude makes it easier to get permits and start operations than it is in a major city. Plus, the OCEDA team is here to provide relocation assistance. 


From Ohio County, Kentucky manufacturing companies can transport their goods to the majority of the U.S. population in a day’s drive. When combined with rail and airport access, this makes Ohio County an attractive destination.